Cushion Cut Engagement Rings the classy alternative

cushion cut engagement ring

Cushion cut diamonds are experiencing resurgence in popularity.  When many people think of these diamonds they think of finding one at a garage sale, or having one handed down from a grandparent.  However many of the newer cuts are beginning to offer competition to some of the more standard cuts, think square princess and brilliant.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings looks like a cross between a mine cut and and oval cut.  The diamond has also been called a pillow cut or a candle light cut.  This type of diamond is usually considered less edgy and more romantic.  However the setting of the diamond also plays a large part in the overall aesthetic of the ring.

When buying a cushion cut diamond you need to consider length width and table depth.  This is because of the unique shape of the cushion cut.  You can find ones that are long and rectangular or more square in shape.  Most diamond authorities will recommend that you buy a cushion cut with a length / width ratio of 1.25-1.30.  You also want to consider the quality as unlike other diamond cuts cushion cut engagement rings have a large open face that will reveal imperfections.  For this reason most diamond authorities recommend that you get a cut level of good, a color of I or G, and at a minimum get a SI2 grade diamond.  The next level up would be a cut of good, a color of I or G and a grade VS2.  These are the two minimum specification sets we would recommend and are very similar to what most reputable jewelry brokers will recommend.  If you do not want to spend enough to get this specification set for your cushion cut diamond it is highly recommended that you go with a cut that is much less revealing such as the square cut.

The cushion cut halo engagement ring is a super elegant rounded version of the standard cushion cut.  Generally these rings are more expensive as they usually will not be made out of lower grade diamonds and have a roundish square appearance that is very revealing of flaws.  For example the diamond shown to the right is a color G grade S1 diamond that will cost over 6,000 at most reputable retail outlets.  As you can see all of the halo rings have a circle of diamonds surrounding the main diamond.  As with the Black diamond engagement rings the type of center stone as well as the surrounding stones can be of varying quality.

Deciding what grade of diamond you want for the center and surrounding stones in your cushion cut diamond engagement ring can be an arduous process.  We recommend you forgo this issue and focus on the grade and color of the main diamond and accept whatever type of diamonds that dealer or manufacturer uses for the halo.  The reason for this is that determining a specific order for the halo and center diamond will add unnecessary cost to the ring without a resultant increase in overall value of the ring.  Spending money on combinations is paying for the luxury of having a one of a kind ring.  While this sounds special, it’s probably better to get the higher value materials for the amount of money you are going to spends.  As a final note if the whole idea of purchasing a cushion cut diamond seems overwhelming there are many other options that are good alternatives to the standard cuts.  In particular the asscher cut engagement rings provide the perfect alternative for those of you looking to spend less.  This type of ring can be purchased in sizes under 1kt, making it a much more accessible option.  As always thanks for spending your time with us, and we hope you have found something that will help you purchase the correct ring.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings the best alternative

Black Diamond Engagement Ring  Black diamond engagement rings are one of the most interesting and unique types of rings you can buy.  Not to mention any type of  jewelry made out of black diamonds is fantastically elegant.  When deciding on what piece of jewelry you would like to buy be it engagement rings or otherwise you must decide on what type of cut you want to use.  Obviously the most important factor you need to consider when deciding cut is whether or not the jewelry will be for a man or a woman.  Most people reading this will be considering buying black diamond engagement rings for women.  In this case the most typical cut is the black diamond engagement ring princess cut.  For an example see the above photo.  The princess cut works particularly well with the black diamond due to its clean lines and simplicity.  Not all black diamond engagement rings feature black gold such as the one shown above.  I featured this picture because it is a particularly simple and clean combination of cut and design.

The two different types of material used in black diamond engagement rings are Carbonado and synthetic crystalline diamonds.  Synthetic is somewhat of a misnomer as these diamonds are laboratory grown to be of certain specifications.  Carbonado diamonds are a black somewhat porous polycrystalline material that shares most of the properties with normal diamonds.  Unlike a single crystal diamond any polycrystalline diamond whether synthetic or carbonado will not be quite as hard.  Hardness is measured on a scale from 1-10 and includes properties such as scratch resistant.  Similar to the grades of normal diamonds black diamonds can come in many different prices and specifications.

One of the main selling points for Black diamond engagement rings is that they are extremely unique.  The main concern people have is that normal high quality diamonds such as the flawless, internally flawless, VVS1, and VVS2 quality cannot be matched by a “synthetic diamond”.  The good news for the perspective black diamond buyer is that this is not necessarily true.  The quality of a diamond usually has to do with how many crystal structures make up the individually cut rock.  The lowest quality diamonds being those with multicrystalline structures each in the nanometer size range.  Basically this means the rock you see is actually many individual crystal structures attached to one and other.  The more individual structures attached to make up the one rock the less uniform the rock will appear.  At the highest end of the diamond spectrum would be the single crystalline flawless diamond.  This basically represents the gold standard for diamonds, used in diamond engagement rings or otherwise.

For the perspective black diamond buyer looking to match the highest quality diamond engagement rings you would want a black diamond engagement ring made out of single crystalline synthetic diamond.  However, as a black diamond engagement ring buyer we know you want something more.  In this case I would like to direct your attention to the HPHT nanocrystalline diamond.  It is a synthetic diamond that is harder than any known material including natural diamonds.  While few black diamond engagement rings you pick up on Amazon for a grand will be made out of this material it is something to consider if you really want to take the unconventional route.  For more options see the articles on pink diamond engagement rings and yellow diamond engagement rings.  As always we hope this article will be able to assist you in your purchase of the perfect ring.

Contemporary Take on Art Deco Engagement Rings

art deco engagement ringArt Deco Engagement rings are a subset of the art deco style that first became popular in France during the interwar period of the 1920’2-1930’s.  Art Deco was first used to describe material and structure styles for buildings before it became an entire style or artistic genre.  Art Deco is in direct contrast to art nouveau while embraces the natural.  Art Deco embraces the unnatural industrial, and manufactured.  In terms of engagement rings this can often mean a simple detail such as an unconventional sharp line or two in the setting.  In some cases it can mean non-traditional colors and ornamentation.

Art Deco Engagement rings therefore come in many different styles.  Some of the most common styles you will see are vintage art deco engagement rings and the antique art deco engagement rings.  Vintage art deco engagement rings feature the same styles and materials that were made popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but are newly designed and were recently made.  Since they are not original pieces they are much cheaper.  The other advantage is that you can have vintage style pieces custom designed to fit your needs.  Customization is not something we normally recommend as it takes away from the amount you will be able to spend on the actual materials.  In the case of buying a vintage art deco engagement ring it does make sense as there are many options that can easily set your ring apart from others without adding a great deal of cost.  Most manufacturers know this and have a wide array of options for their art deco style engagement rings.

art deco engagement ringThe other option you have is to purchase an antique art deco engagement ring.  This type of ring is an art deco ring that was produced during the height of the art deco era.  These should not be confused with a vintage art deco style engagement ring from another period like the 70’s or 80’s for example.  A true vintage art deco engagement ring will have been made during the time period when art deco style jewelry experienced its first surge in popularity during the 1920’s-1930.  You can of course find a true antique just outside of this time period, but to be sure; there is a distinct difference between a true antique and a vintage style art deco engagement ring.

As always considering the grade of stone you want for your engagement ring is important.  Art deco rings usually place less emphasis on the main stone then other styles of rings.  It is common therefore to consider lower quality stones for an art deco engagement ring then would be considered otherwise.  We think this is a mistake however.  Material quality is always of paramount concern when choosing an engagement ring.  This is a purchase that should be intended to last a lifetime.  Therefore we recommend you decide on a quality first and then choose the style of ring.  Though there may be lower quality art deco rings available, to capture the tru essence of the art deco era, you really want a ring that appears extravagant.  Low quality art deco rings often times have more in common with something that should be on a Christmas tree as opposed to a woman’s body.  As always we hope this article was useful, and will be of assistance in choosing the correct engagement ring.


Tacori Diamond Engagement Rings

ht254615rd65_10Tacori is a brand that was started in the early 70′s. The brand blends European classic design, with some of the more modern combination settings and bands. Currently Tacori has 12 different lines of engagement rings with 2 different types of settings and 7 different diamond shapes that you can purchase. The majority of their rings come in a solitaire or three stone combination.
One thing that really defines Tacori style is the use of simple elegant combinations of features. If you are looking for something that will stand out at first glance Tacori may not be right for you. Their rings are very subtle, and take a second look to notice the delicate nature of the design. The elegnace of most Tacori rings comes from what the designers have left off or out of the ring. If you look at the ring above you can see a perfect example of this simplicity. The ring has a six prong solitaire design. Everything about the ring comes off as understated. The prong setting blends perfectly with the band, and the diamond is not overpowered by any of the features on the ring.

Tacori His Band Another element of Tacori rings which really makes them standout are their custom bands.  Tacori rings can be had with many different custom style bands for both men and women.  The mens bands feature larger mores dated patterns and styles.  One of th more common styles is to engrave a pattern into the band of the ring.  This can be seen on the custom Tacori men’s pattern ring above.

The women’s bands feature slightly more flashy styles with a larger selection of alternate materials.  These bands are a great alternative to the simple white gold or sterling bands offered by most companies.  One of the most interesting styles that Tacori offers are that band that feature wrapped in-laid diamonds around the entire ring.  These styles of rings really bring out the larger diamond in the center while adding brightness to the band.

Tacori Her bands





Tacori also offers an extensive line of jewelry to go along with their engagement rings.  While engagement rings are their main business, some of  the other rings and earrings they feature are worth looking at.  These pieces follow the european inspired flare of the rings, while adding simpler lower cost materials compared to the engagement ring line.  For anyone looking for an additional piece to add to their engagement ring set, there will be no need to look beyond Tacori.