The Everlasting Charm of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

The romance and chivalry of the vintage style can never go out of fashion. Its appeal and charm is everlasting. Vintage dresses and jewelry is thought to be the height of sophistication and elegance. Vintage means 20 to 100 years old. Anything older is considered to be an antique. Vintage style engagement rings are a favorite among couples.
Original vintage is very expensive and most young couples are unable to afford the vintage rings. So, jewelers came up with vintage styled rings, which mean that they copy the unique and captivating design of the vintage rings. This allows everyone who loves the past era to be able to become a part of it without spending a fortune.vintage diamond engagement ring
The engagement rings vintage style, are sometimes designed to represent a particular era. At other times, exact replicas of existing vintage pieces are made. The rings can be specifically ordered in colored as well as white diamonds. Even though the rings can be customized according to the buyer’s taste, like you could pick the gem of your choice, mostly diamond is used. Vintage style diamond engagement rings are the way to the heart of your fiancé!
Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Recently, black diamond has gained a lot of popularity. It mostly appeals to gothic or Romanesque lovers. Many Hollywood actresses and models like Carmen Electra, Kat Von D etc. have been seen wearing black diamond engagement rings. They give a unique outlook as most people go after diamonds that are either clear or dark blue.
Asscher Cut Diamond Rings
The asscher cut is a distinct shaped diamond that is used mostly in vintage or vintage style diamond rings. The classic cut, first produced in 1902, by Asscher brothers in Holland, is square shaped. They grew very famous in the 1920’s and then made a comeback in 2002. A modern Asscher cut is similar to the square emerald cut but in a way that gives it more brilliance. It is highly popular among vintage style engagement rings. A Royal Asscher cut was introduced by the forerunners of the Asscher brothers, in which the diamond has 74 facets, instead of the 54 facets of the original Asscher cut.
Vintage Style Engagement Rings UK
Vintage style engagement rings are highly sought after in UK. Young and older couples alike feel that vintage designs of engagement rings are far superior to the modern style engagement rings. Not only does the vintage engagement ring hint of the old world charm, it also gives a sense of beauty, refinement and culture.

The great thing about a vintage ring is that you get to have the beauty of the lost days, yet you still don’t have to wear an old, haggard looking ring. Your ring can be new and shiny and still remind you of the alluring past. The timeless characteristics of vintage style engagement rings can never be attained by the modern outlook given to jewelry. Vintage style engagement rings are fashion, not a fad. They are here to stay until the end of time.

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