Why Choose Yellow Diamond Enagagement Rings

Brides today have more choices than ever in beautiful wedding and engagement jewelry. There’s a huge range of precious metals and stones being used to create styles for everyone at any price point.yellow diamond engagement ring
Any bride who wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion-forward jewelry should consider a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring. Yellow diamonds are among the biggest trends to hit the fine jewelry market in recent years, and the trend has made big waves in the world of bridal jewelry.
These stones are popular partly because many celebrities love them. Among the famous ladies recently seen with yellow diamond engagement rings are Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson. No one knows exactly what started the current craze, but it may have been sparked by Rihanna’s hit song We Found Love which refers to “yellow diamonds in the sky.” Yellow diamonds are also hot sellers in cocktail rings, earrings, and necklaces.
These stones weren’t always popular. And in fact, “yellow” in the diamond world is often used to refer to inferior stones. That’s because many diamonds that are sold as white are actually slightly yellow, with whiter stones being the most valuable. In the realm of white diamonds, a stone that leans toward yellow is more common, less expensive, and less desirable than a colorless or nearly colorless gem.
But there’s another class of yellow diamonds that sets an entirely separate standard. Deep yellow diamonds are classified differently than the far more common whitish-yellow, and they are among the rarest diamonds on earth. Such vivid yellow diamonds are sometimes called “canary” or “fancy” yellows. An engagement ring made with one of these stones will therefore be called a canary yellow diamond engagement ring or fancy yellow diamond engagement ring.
Some of the most famous large diamonds in history are yellow diamonds. One of these is a huge yellow stone called The Incomparable and weighing over 400 carats cut weight. This gem was discovered by a little girl in the rubbish heap of an African diamond mine in 1984.
The Tiffany Yellow Diamond weighs over 128 carats and is one of the largest canary yellow diamonds anywhere. It has only been worn twice, including once by Audrey Hepburn for publicity photos of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Yellow diamonds look stunning in a variety of settings and designs. They are often set in white metals including platinum and white gold. However, brides who love yellow gold engagement rings will find this metal a lovely match for yellow diamonds. Another choice is a yellow gold diamond engagement ring whose main stone is white and features surrounding stones in yellow or other colors.
Yellow diamonds in darker shades fetch the highest prices. Jewelers maintain that there’s no good alternative to authentic yellow diamonds—no other stone really looks the same. For the budget-challenged bride or groom, a yellow cubic zirconia may be a better option.
Whatever one’s style preference, a yellow diamond engagement ring is sure to leave a lasting impression while catering to the most modern trends.

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